College Oval Redevelopment

Our new College Oval plans have been finalised with Sydney Catholic Schools committing to a cost-sharing arrangement with the College. We now eagerly await a timeline for the works to begin. The newly renovated College Oval will complement the range of fresh and innovative facilities at the College, and will include:

  • Synthetic Surface
  • Shaded Handball Courts
  • Sprint Tracks
  • Mini-Soccer Field

We thank the Student Leadership Council for their input into this project, as well as a number of key staff members including: Mr Gallagher (PDHPE Coordinator), Mr Thorburn (Sports Coordinator), Mr Mulford (Administration Coordinator), Mr Williams (Business Manager), Ms Russo (Assistant Principal) and Mr Fetterplace (Principal).

College Oval from Carmichael Drive
Architect's Impression of Oval
Architect's Impression of Oval
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